The Planter’s Prayer

The Planter’s Prayer
von Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uzziel
dem ersten sephardischen Oberrabbiner des Staates Israel

Our Father who is in Heaven
The Builder of Zion and Jerusalem
Be pleased, O Lord, with Your Land,
And bestow goodness upon it
From the goodness of Your loving kindness.
Give dew for a blessing,
And cause desirable rains
To fall in their time.
Satiate the mountains of Israel, and its valleys,
And water every plant and tree within them.
As for these saplings that we plant
Before You today,
Deepen their roots
And increase their magnificence
That they may blossom and be accepted
Among the other trees of Israel
For blessing and for beauty.
Strengthen the hands of all our brethren
Who labor in the work of the holy soil
And who cause the wilderness to bloom.
Bless them, O Lord, that they may succeed,
And that the work of their hands be acceptable.
Look from Your holy dwelling, from Heaven,
And bless Your people Israel
And the Land which you gave us
As you swore to your fathers.


Plant a Tree
von Lucy Larcom (1826-1891)

He who plants a tree –
Plants hope. . .
He who plants a tree –
Plants joy. . .
He who plants a tree –
Plants youth. . .
He who plants a tree –
Plants love. . .
Gifts that grow are best
Hands that bless are blessed
Plant! Life does the rest!
Heaven and earth
Help who plants a tree
And his work
Its own reward shall be

Photos: Marion Keunecke, Berlin